Totally Delayed Reaction Syreeta….

So, I’m late in noting it here, but in case you might be interested, I’ve been blogging for the totes awesome Feministing for the past nine months back as a new contributor, I answered some questions for The Feministing Five.

I plan to update here whenever possible of publications and whatever assorted brain droppings that manifest. Mostly, I’ve been playing here a lot.

I did a podcast with these fine folks in the summer.

This week, in the face of the Snowbracabra 2, Saturn Returns… I’m headed off to the Association of Writing Programs (AWP) annual conference in Boston. We’re co-hosting an offsite reading featuring our contributors along with the fine people of Storyscape Journal and Toadlily Press. We’re pretty geeked. Additionally, I’ll be chopping it up on a panel with my fellow curators of Poets In Unexpected Places about the game changing marriage between public art and poetry. If you’re in the Boston area, please come out!